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As we begin our 40th Year!

As we begin our 40th year, Change is afoot at the Preschool and I wanted to share what we are doing and why.  First, because the school is a ministry of this church, we felt we should better align our mission statements.  As a result, the school’s new mission statement will be:

“As a ministry of Englewood United Methodist Church it is our mission to make God and His Kingdom more real through our care and education of children.  We offer our staff as the hands and feet of Christ, demonstrating unconditional love while helping to build every child’s self-esteem, character, confidence and knowledge.”

Although the school does a great job serving the children of this community, we feel that our focus has been diffused as we have tried to provide care for such a vast age range.  As a result, we have decided to halt infant care at the end of July as well as Before/After care for school age children with the start of the school year.  It is also our intention to stop summer camps with the 2019 summer season but we are staying open minded to what God’s leading might be, community needs and practical issues like appropriate space for the kids and the current condition of the church’s bus.

Because we have chosen to focus on providing a quality program for 1-5 year olds, we also feel accreditation in an important next step.  We will be working with the United Methodist Association of Preschools to obtain this and it should take roughly a year.  This will mean hard work by our staff to increase their educational experiences and detailed preparation by Administration.  The reward will be greater reimbursement for those children who receive subsidized funding, a higher educated staff and a focused program that should increase the quality of services we provide.

I ask that you keep the Preschool and all of its changes in your prayers.


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