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The reasons keep adding up

  • Our staff is skilled, trained and loving - The greatest asset of any child-centered group is its people and we are proud of our exceptional team! We have taken special care to screen applicants, ensuring that they meet our high standards for teaching and caring for young children. In addition to being warm and compassionate, our staff is certified in CPR, First Aid and AED training. While the state requires only one person with such training, we think the health and safety of your child demands that everyone know these critical skills. 
  • Cleanliness is a priority - As part of our program's health standards, we clean and disinfect our toys and classrooms multiple times a day - in contrast to other centers that conform to the state standard of once daily. Infant and toddler classrooms are cleaned throughout the day and diaper changing areas are disinfected after each use. Toys are regularly replaced and rotated to ensure you child is provided with activities that are simulating. We adhere to strict hand washing, food preparation and restroom protocols to reduce the spread of germs center wide. 
  • We welcome parent involvement - Parents and extended family are an integral part of our Foundations family and we view the parent as the first teacher. You can feel free to drop by at any time as we have an open door policy. We also sponsor family-centered activities on our campus throughout the year, like parties, workshops and special performances. 
  • If you're not completely satisfied, we'll refund your money - No other center in Englewood offers this guarantee. But because we are confident in our quality, our 35 years of experience, and because we built our reputation on only happy families, we will fully refund up to one month's tuition fees no questions asked. 
Our preschool graduates are better prepared for school

Our curriculum is focused on maximizing your child's academic potential. While other preschools introduce the alphabet, our young graduates are reading! Our Kindergarten readiness testing rate is one of the highest in South Sarasota County. 

Foundations is a faith-based center

We promote strong moral values, supporting your desire to establish a foundation on which to build a lifelong love for your Christian church and its teachings. 

The facility is spacious indoors and out

With more than 20 acres and a spacious school building we provide ample space for learning and play. We have the space to separate children by age, ensuring age-appropriate activities and toys. We also feature a fellowship hall for special events, performances and other gatherings. 

We are starting our 40th school year
There is no substitute for experience, and Foundations has invested four decades fine tuning the formula for success as a child care center and preschool. We are here to stay with programs that are time tested and proven. 

What makes Foundations so different

Foundations is the difference...